The LCM Witch

NOTE: LCM witches are a mash up of the D20 sorcerer & the D20 Witch, either of which may be used as a “base model” as described below. This was done to allow greater flexibility with character builds but still maintaining a singular theme to the class.

The Witch is most commonly seen among the Wild Tribes of the Wood or the orc barbarians to the north. The witch is looked upon with a great deal of superstitious fear by most people, and with good reason, as Witches consort with dark and ancient spirits of the Wood for the spells and powers they wield. In this way the Witch can be viewed as an Arcane version of the LCM Druid.

Meta-Magic: permanent effects which augment two specific spells, if these are patron (or blood line) spells the meta-magic is – 1 level cheaper than normal, with a minimum 1 level adjustment.

Whether built using the D20 Witch or D20 Sorcerer as a base class, LCM Witches are spontaneous spell casters who use the Sorcerer spells per day table (spell lists are determined normally under their respective base classes). Like all LCM casters, Witches do not cast cantrips, but starting at first level they sense arcane magic (as per Detect Arcane Magic) and may cast Prestidigitation as an At Will Standard Action. Witches are limited to spells of 3rd level or lower for spells outside of their Patron / Bloodline spell lists.

Witches developed under the D20 Witch base class may have a familiar, but they do not store spells in the familiar like a living spell book, instead they function as a normal familiar. Regardless of the base class chosen, Witches in LCM campaigns simply know their spells the same way a sorcerer does, all of which are treated as being granted by their patron.

The witch’s spell list are permanently known as per the Sorcerer spell selection, however these spells can be changed given enough time and effort. In order for this to be done the Witch must spend 3 days per spell level of the spell to be changed in down time communing with their Dark Patron. Spells must be changed individually. NOTE: While there are no additional costs for this change (gold, xp, etc) within an LCM campaign, DM’s of other campaign may wish to assign such restrictions.

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